Friday, January 18, 2019

Why Pawel Adamowicz was right about migrants

Once upon a time the mayor of Gdansk.
Once upon a time, therefore, Pawel Adamowicz.
But above all – to his commendable merit, there was once his point of view on migrants: There are, of course, active groups of citizens in Gdansk who claim that security concerns override any other interests in resettling refugees. The majority, however, including city authorities, says that accepting refugees and immigrants comes with cultural and economic benefits.
Gdańsk’s model of integration of immigrants and refugees follows proven European activities International cooperation in the field of immigrant integration policy started with the deepening of relations in the framework of Eurocities. It is a consortium of major European cities with an active Forum of Social Affairs, which focuses, among others matters, on sharing best practices of thirty European cities most experienced in the field of integration policy for migrants. We joined the group and obtained a very good overview of the migration policy in Europe. Inspired by the experience of delegates from Oslo, we decided to visit the capital of Norway, which is one of the leaders in the integration of foreigners in Europe. We went there on a study visit

Once upon a time, as you have read, there were words and contents that were completely different from the populist storytelling.
Acceping and benefit cultural, as well as economic, as a model of integration and cooperation, such as deepening, sharing and above all study.
Once upon a time and never again the mayor of Gdansk.
But his words remain and, together with his killing, they show that on immigration Pawel Adamowicz was infinitely right.
Denying it and, where you have the choice, not pursuing the same values it's like being accomplices of his murderers...

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