Friday, January 25, 2019

Humanitarian reasons

A dialogue, a not too imaginary one...

Good morning, Your Intolerance, The Great Wall Builder, The King of Presidents, Mr. Donald Trump.
Good morning to you, but you don’t need to say everything. Just Mister President.
Agreed, Mr. President, I have with me 500 people who just passed the border.
What do you mean with people?
Oops, I'm sorry, I meant migrants.
And say it: migrants.
Migrants, exactly.

I would like to know how we must proceed with their relocation.
Their who?
The migrants.
Yes... because we cannot leave them on the street without a valid reason, right?
No, we need it, unless we have a place...
I know the answer!
Such as?
What about a zoo?
No, we can’t, they’re not animals…
A prison?
They’re not criminals.
Could we just forget them?
They’re not bad dreams, Mister President…
Can we send them to Mars?
They’re too many, we don’t have so many shuttles.
It’s a problem, that’s why I asked for a wall.
Yup, and now they are saying to be here for humanitarian reasons.
Humanitarian, it's an adjective.
Wait, I look on the dictionary, so we’ll find a solution. Humanitarian: it refers to a person or a thing, with philanthropic sentiments, loving neighbors and taking care for the fate of others. I got it: they could remain on the street.
Because humanitarian concerns a person or a thing, so we’re good.
Because migrants are neither. And because to me and my supporters they matter much less.

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