Friday, February 15, 2019

The government that makes lies true

Once upon a time there was a criminal circle, more than a vicious one.
Think about a group of aspiring leaders who built their political program by exploiting the ignorance and fears of citizens, lying unashamedly on the number of illegal immigrants on the country.
It was a calculated risk, theirs.
As a resounding bluff of cards, not playing with their money, but yours.

Let's say they won the table.
Consider, now, a group of aspiring leaders who have focused everything on a lie at the expense of the most unfortunate people in the world, and now find themselves at the head of the country.
They sit on their new chairs, they look at each other, they know they have lied, and they think: what we do if the truth comes out?
They start to be worried about that.
Because it can be easy to deceive people to take power. The hard part is to keep it by continuing to lie.
However, the solution is there, in the power they fraudulently enjoy.
The illegal immigrants are not as many as we said?
Okay, so let's make them.
And what's better than a bad law?
What a smart move.
To get elected by the citizens they told them lots of lies about immigration who endangered their safety, and then they write a law to create illegal immigrants and they call them more security for everybody...

Italy has rejected 24,800 asylum applications in the last four months, that’s a record. According to Matteo Villa, ISPI researcher, "the recent Italian immigration law will continue to increase the number of illegal immigrants in the country. According to our estimates, there could be more than 670,000 asylum seekers who will live irregularly in Italy, partially because the government doesn’t have the right to expel them". 

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