Friday, January 11, 2019

The hidden and upside down truth

We are not racists.
They are the ones to be colonialists.
It is since the end of 1440 that we say it, and no one listens to us.
These people have been coming to us for almost six centuries to steal and conquer.
To kill and bring diseases.
To impoverish and subjugate.
To make the inhabitants slaves.
To impose culture and traditions.
To devastate everything.
To massacre entire generations.
To divide peoples.
To bribe the younger ones.
To deceive the most vulnerable.
To erase cities and monuments.
To debase hopes.
To pollute waters and skies.
To exploit and manipulate entire nations.
And then, if even one of us dares to come to them...
Here is the invasion, the immigration problem and the walls, the illegal migrants and everyone should stay their own home.
Unfortunately it is now late, it would take the time machine, to tie.
Otherwise, give us the chance to go back with the awareness of today, then we will see who the immigrants are and who the owners of their land and its riches...

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