Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The immigrant and the guardian

"Hello," says the so-called immigrant to the alleged guardian of the denominated border, "we would like to enter your country."
"What right do you have to do that?"
"The right of asylum, you know, in my country my family and I are in perpetual danger because of the violence from drug traffickers and gangs."
"The right to asylum no longer exists, it has been abolished."

"I see, what about the right to survival?"
"I'm sorry, it was canceled by presidential decree just last week."
"The right not to die murdered?"
"Never heard, it must be a Fake News."
"And what about the right of my children to not be killed with bullets?"
"There was, look, if you had come an hour ago, you were still in time, but the latest update of the operating system has cut it."
"Oops, Dolores," the immigrant tells his wife, "I told you to be faster..."
The woman, carrying two newly weaned children and another attached to her skirt, does not reply and shows a distraught expression.
"Wait, I found it: the right to be treated as human beings?"
"That's still here, of course, it's obvious."
"So we can get in, right?"
"Not at all."
"Because just as human beings you cannot. If by pure example you were birds you would have flown freely over the wall, the same for flies, butterflies and beetles."
"Well, if we were dogs, sheep, even snakes, we would have entered without problems, but as humans..."
"As humans, nothing to do."
"It was better to be born animals, then?"
The family is about to leave when the man returns to the border one last time.
"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"
"You and your friends, how did you get in the very first time?"
"Simple: we have exterminated the natives, occupied the land and gave it a new name, which is how you gain the most important right."
"Which is?"
"To decide who enters and who does not."

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