Friday, December 7, 2018

A day of ordinary fascist propaganda in Italy

Once upon a time there was a propaganda.
That is, the liar and interested voice.
Concerned about the click of the link as the fear, your fear.
I am talking about you, who read and above all believe what you are afraid of.
Think about Google News and search for the magic word.
Read what fills the dinner plate of those bad scribblers: immigrants.
Take for instance what happens in Italy, today.
Where some say that Tuberculosis returns as a "gift" from immigrants, as the Nazism did with Jews.
Migrants, Italy has exceeded the threshold limit: one in 10 citizens is a foreigner, says another one.
It is not a joke, the article titled and deepens this very concept, terrifying it: in the past it was zero in ten, today there is one!
Be scared!

The international lobby of the chic leftists wants to make us invaded by immigrants, tells another one.
Can you imagine the leaders of this sort of SP.E.C.T.R.E. in the attic of a skyscraper, elegant in their Che Guevara shirts planning departures and organize landings of migrants?
Well, if you cannot only imagine it, but also consider it to be plausible, the situation is serious for you, because they have now infected you for good.
Them, not the migrants.
And so on, other lies in the form of news, more smoke to obscure horizons and those who watch them.
Once upon a time there was the fascist propaganda and it is here again.
At the same time, there was once and we hope it will still be here.
The resistance

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