Friday, November 30, 2018

Global Compact Migration: who is against

Once upon a time the Global Compact Migration.
That is, the recent UN document on immigration.
Once upon a time also who are against it.
Once upon a time, then, their brain.
And how to depict it? Imagine an empty room, large, but really bare.
As if you were invited to a party, you enter the hall and exclaim: "Isn’t nobody here? Anything at all? And did I hear so much noise from that?'
One day the aforementioned document approached the entrance of this kind of skull.
The latter, despite the vacuity of the meninges, proudly kept a sort of antivirus, focused on one enemy in particular: the brown people from overseas, to use a poetic euphemism.
Therefore, as soon as the sensors intercepted the word migration, they start to sound.
For your consideration, the Global Compact for Migration proposes some guidelines for managing migratory phenomena and reception policies for asylum seekers established thanks to the work of experts and operators on the field. The intent is, among other things, to combat and reduce the vulnerabilities of migrants, as well as to hinder the trafficking of human beings. The majority of European nations, including Germany and France, have already voted in favor, while the opposing are the countries that more or less recently elected governments that declare themselves to be averse to migrants.
But it is evident that in that emptiness mentioned above there is no trace of any solution to the problems of the world that foresees human empathy...

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