Thursday, October 18, 2018

Enrage the tyrant

The tyrant is angry.
It is not because a random guy thought he can travel from the world strictly south of his kingdom, and at the same time pretended to get close enough to look him straight in the eye.
Nor because this south is not so far. Since, as the overvalued boundary geography states, the Americas are two, not one, and Honduras is part of it as well as the US.
It is not because the lovers of hope and improbable horizons are more than one, but four thousand.
Nor because they reveal the intention to break through that wall of lies and folly between the land of reserved opportunities and Mexico.
Not because we talk about a caravan of migrants without any trace of fear of the sovereign liar.
He is infuriated the same.
He perfectly knows that the utopian plan will fail, the prospectors of the future have no chance of entering the naked king’s garden, undressed of every humanity’s fragment, and that the guards appointed to defend the world conquered thanks to native blood genocide, when the time comes, they do what they are paid for.
Still, the tyrant is enraged.
It never stops being so.
Because he also knows that out there, beyond the barbed wire that surrounds his heart, in every second myriads of perennially dreamy souls or simple fools can rise up.
Ready to invade his nightmares.
Courage, then
Let’s continue to infuriate the tyrants of this world...

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